Welcome to the new Pirate Haus Inn website!

We’ve decided to take leaps and bounds by updating the website from it’s mid-90’s frame’s to a more controlled WordPress website that has a cleaner design and that is more concise and easier to navigate.

Please let us know your opinion on the new site! We will keep the old site in ‘archive’ state for now so you can see the transition.

That said, we are under new management as well. Michael Lasota is returning after a 5 years absence and various management change ups through the years. Most recently “First Mate John”, who will be traveling Spain with his girlfriend! Best wishes to them on their travels.

I – Michael have made the website update.

We welcome all old and new guests to comment and submit suggestions!

Thank you all for your 10 years of support! Check back soon for more updates and news! Big changes are coming 🙂