About the owner

About the owner, Conrad:

“I‘ve been lucky enough to have traveled the world and learned a little about a lot (just yesterday I was speaking to a guest about Hanauer Landstrasse and she was blown away that I knew where it was). I’ve learned to speak a few languages along the way, some good enough to converse in, others just good enough to get myself chased down alleyways and get shot at. I enjoyed meeting people and learning from them so much that I decided hospitality was where I wanted to be.

I started out as a child in LA, but soon moved up to San Francisco where I spent my formative years in a French School (note to parents: Teach your kids a foreign language when they’re young!) I was lucky enough to get into Cal Berkeley (Go Bears!), bombed out of Navy(Marine Option) ROTC, spent a year abroad in Egypt, joined the Army as a linguist, won an all expense paid trip to Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Then I started an MBA program at the original USC(Go Gamecocks) dropped out for a year to sell safety equipment in the Magic Kingdom(Saudi Arabia), intern at an oil company in Cairo, then back to complete the MBA program. Out of the MBA program I started working at a maintenance software company doing application consulting and training all over the world. I jumped ship in Diego Garcia and went to work for the local contractor doing IT work. From there it was on to the same type of work in Germany which got old after 3 years, so I quit and moved to the Netherlands to learn Dutch for 18 months.

Finally it was back to the US and the opportunity arose to buy the Pirate Haus Inn from the previous owners who were itching to travel around the world for themselves. We have a crew of one manager and varied volunteers who help out a few hours a day in exchange for room at the Inn.  One soul who joined the crew years ago was Elaine Juzwick who is an artist, and she painted most of of the murals in our rooms. I’ve been in St. Augustine longer than I’ve been anywhere since my childhood and I love it here. I participate in local historical re-enactments (it’s great when everyone at the Inn is dressed up  If I’m not around the inn, I’m probably out on my Yamaha Royal Star Venture with my CVMA or PGR brothers.

I do my best to run the Guesthouse and keep it affordable for folks who don’t find the Hilton in their budget, or for folks who are tired of the white-walled-boxes of chain hotel/motels. If there’s ever anything that’s not ‘right’, please let us know so we have the chance to fix it.”