About the owner

About the owner, Conrad:

I used to have a short Bio here, but now I’m just an international man of mystery.  Any questions?  Just ask!

Out of the 5 branches in our Armed Services, name the 2 I haven’t been in.

Out of the 7 continents, name the 2 I haven’t been on.

Ask me how to say “Two beers please” in your language….

Have you ever eaten a Birgus Latro?

Which of the 3 pyramids of Giza have I climbed?

I do my best to run the Guesthouse and keep it affordable for folks who don’t find the Hilton in their budget, or for folks who are tired of the white-walled-boxes of chain hotel/motels. If there’s ever anything that’s not ‘right’, please let us know so we have the chance to fix it.”