About the owner

Pirate Jenny, current owner:


After helping the Captain run the Pirate Haus during 2015-2017, Jenny returned in 2022 to take over so Conrad can relax, hike, and travel. Flipping pancakes for 18 years is a long time!

“Originally from Missouri, I spent years traveling, volunteering, and innkeeping around the world. Before that I was an art teacher. My favorite thing to do is go for a swim in the cool clear springs in Florida. I prefer to maintain the humor and charm at The Pirate Haus Inn – that’s what makes it special. With some luck, we can keep the Pirate Haus going as long as the old building keeps standing!”

Capn Conrad, our founder and previous owner for 18 years:

“I used to have a short Bio here, but now I’m just an international man of mystery.  Any questions?  Just ask!”

Out of the 5 branches in our Armed Services, name the 2 I haven’t been in.

Out of the 7 continents, name the 2 I haven’t been on.

Ask me how to say “Two beers please” in your language….

Have you ever eaten a Birgus Latro?

Which of the 3 pyramids of Giza have I climbed?

I do my best to run the Guesthouse and keep it affordable for folks who don’t find the Hilton in their budget, or for folks who are tired of the white-walled-boxes of chain hotel/motels. If there’s ever anything that’s not ‘right’, please let us know so we have the chance to fix it.”