Pirate Haus Amenities

When you stay at a ‘normal’ hotel, it often seems that you get overcharged for extra services and amenities like WiFi or a mysterious ‘Resort Fee’

We do offer the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi encrypted (WPA-2) access for guests
  • Free internet on our Chromebox workstation
  • All the pirate reading you could possibly want (for grownups and kids)
  • 6 Parking spaces at $10.00 per day.  Have 2 cars?  We can park you one behind the other for $15 per day in some of our spots.
  • Board games for your enjoyment
  • Free use of the house guitar if you’re musically inclined.
  • Wash and dry laundry for $10.  You fold!
  • All you can eat pancakes, and strong coffee (approved by Space-X as an alternate rocket fuel.  If you want it weaker, add water)