Pirate Haus Amenities

When you stay at a ‘normal’ hotel, it often seems that you get overcharged for extra services and amenities.  Here at the Pirate Haus Inn, we don’t have TV’s or phones in the rooms, preferring that our guests interact with each other in the common room, patio or the kitchen.

We do offer the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi encrypted (WPA-2) access for guests (if you bring a wi-fi enabled laptop)
  • Free internet on our workstation
  • Free domestic long distance calls on the house phone (in the hallway)
  • Low price boogie board rental
  • All the pirate reading you could possibly want (for grownups and kids)
  • 3 Parking spaces at $5.00 per day, first come, first serve. Additional private rooms can purchase parking garage passes.
  • Board games for your enjoyment
  • DVD Player with large movie selection
  • Backpack size lockers in all rooms
  • Free use of the house guitar if you’re musically inclined.
  • Wash and dry laundry for $6.  You fold!